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Labr commenced manufacturing of products with six (6) different variants of auto care products which includes; car shampoo, upholstery cleaner, tyre & engine cleaners, vehicle polish, air freshener and glass cleaner with an established team that has the capacity for research and development, manufacturing, marketing, supply and logistics.

Labr Africa

At the very core of our business is people, Labr promotes diversity across its business by establishing a workplace diversity ethics that encompass gender, age, religion and cultural diversities.
Our stakeholders expect us to comprehend, respond and deliver quality services that meet their desired expectations. The infusion of diversity allows us to bring together a variety of viewpoints that influence innovation, efficiency, professionalism and productivity.

Labr Africa

To manufacture and supply high-performance products to our customers across Africa.

Labr Africa

Our Vision is to be Africa’s leading chemical manufacturing and supply company, setting the pace for others to follow.

Labr Africa was founded in 2022

Since inception, Labr has been in the business of developing and manufacturing products to delight and meet various needs of customers, and our products have found a place in thousands of households. Our business model is founded on innovation, responsible sourcing and manufacturing, creative advertising and marketing, and strong customer partnerships and channels.



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