How To Keep Your Car Looking Brand New With Parkit Products

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One of the most important things you can do for your car is to keep it clean. But if you don’t know how to do that, then you’re probably not doing it right.

The best way to keep your car looking like new is to use a good Car care product like The Parkit vehicle care product. 

Here are a few step-by-step processes on how to use Parkit vehicle care products:

Car Wash Shampoo

Parkit Car Wash Shampoo is an amazing product that can be used to clean your car. However, some people are unaware of how to use it properly, resulting in damage to the vehicle’s paint job. Here are the guidelines for using The Parkit Car Wash Shampoo.

1. Rinse the paint from top to bottom with the help of your pressure washer starting from top to bottom for effective removal of dirt and dust from the paint.

  • There are 2 purposes when rinsing the paint:
    A. To knock off the heavy dirt so your cleaning soaps and tools have less work to do.
    B. To add lubrication to the paint in anticipation of the wiping or agitation required. So focus on pre-rinsing the lower areas of the car, as they tend to be dirtier.

2. With the paint pre-rinsed, and before it dries, use a microfiber sponge on the top of the car, working your way down, in a circular motion starting at the roof and working around the glass and down the hood and top part of the doors. Leaving the front bumper, lower rockers, and trunk as the very last areas to clean as these are typically dirtier than the top parts of the car. 

Quickly rinse the soap off the paint, and then the wheels. Do not let the soap dry on the paint as this is not good for the condition of the car paint.

Parkit Upholstery Cleaner

It is an innovative concentrated detergent suitable for cleaning all kinds of fabric, velvet, and moquette. This surfactant can be safely used on delicate and colored materials. Having increased the cleaning power. However, most people don’t know how to use this product and how it works.

How to remove dirt, grease, and stains from your Upholstery:

  • Remove any loose or dirty items from the surface/fabric
  • Dampen the area with water
  • Apply a small amount of cleaner to a soft cloth and wipe down the area you want to clean.
  • Use a hardened cleaning tool like a brush to scrub out the dirt and stains.
  • Rinse off your surface as needed until more dirt or debris comes out of it.

Tyre and Engine Wash

Parkit Tyre and Engine Wash is a great product to clean your vehicle’s tyre and Engine. This product is specifically developed for degreasing engines, tyre, and other dirty surfaces while removing grease, oil splash, dust, fuel deposits, and other particles.

Following these steps for great step by step on how to use the Parki Tyre and Engine Wash:

  • Make sure your engine is cool before you start washing
  • Wrap the engine area with a waterproof surface
  • Apply the product on both the engine and tyre wheel of your vehicle in circular motions
  1. Use a hose if you have one

Parkit Car Polish

Parkit Car Polish is the easiest way to keep your leather, dashboard, tyre, and engine looking new. 

How to use Car Polish:

  1. After you have washed your car with Parkit Car Shampoo
  2. Spray over car surfaces like the dashboard, tire, and engine

Parkit Air Freshener

Parkit Air Freshener is used to mask the effect of the deodorizing and fragrant component in an indoor environment.

How to use Parkit Air Freshener:

  1. Ensure that your car is clean and free of any dirt or dust
  2. Open the air freshener spray nozzle and spray it generously on the interior of your car. Make sure you do not spray directly on the console, as it may damage the console

Parkit Glass Cleaner

Parkit Glass Cleaner can be used to remove fingerprints, smudges, and other marks from glass surfaces.

How to use Parkit Air Freshener:

  1. Apply a small amount of glass cleaner to a lint-free, slightly damp cloth.
  2. Gently rub the cloth over the surface of the glass until it is clean, then wipe away any excess with another dry cloth. You may need to repeat this step several times if your glass is heavily soiled or greasy.