Introducing Parkit Vehicle Care Products by Labr Africa.

When cars get driven, they get dirty and of course, dirty cars need to be cleaned. However, not every car care product available today is fit to be used on such priceless automobiles.

With the need for a higher standard and equally affordable range of vehicle care products, the team at Labr Africa carefully curated a range of high-quality products constructed with innovative concepts and outstanding features that provide comprehensive protection and cleaning to your vehicle’s finish.

Labr Africa is proud to announce the introduction of Parkit Vehicle Care Products. Lifeline of eco-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable car care products.

Parkit is a brand that offers products to help your car look and stay like new. We are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality products that can be used all year round. Our product works quickly and efficiently to ensure your vehicle looks great, smells fresh, and feels silky smooth.

These products are specially formulated to work on all paint finishes including clear coats and other protective layers. They are also safe for use on leather seats and interiors as well as vinyl trimming around windows or door panels. The unique blend of ingredients in these products allows them to penetrate deep into the surface being treated so that they can begin cleaning right away and continue working throughout the process without requiring an additional application.

Range of Parkit Vehicle Care

Parkit Car Shampoo(2L, 4L, & 25L)

Parkit Car Wash Shampoo will clean your vehicle and leave it looking like new, it’s safe for all surfaces and can be used on all types of cars, including those with chrome trim or paintwork.

Car wash shampoo is a luxury or higher quality line of traditional car soap containing custom colours and fragrances.

Primarily, car wash shampoo is composed of surfactants that seek out the dirt and try to surround it. Once surrounded, they hold it in suspension in the water, thus allowing it to be easily rinsed. Some constituents include sodium nitrate, glycerin, laurel rice, etc.

Parkit Tyre and Engine Wash (2L, 4L, & 24L)

Parkit Tyre and Engine Wash is a specially formulated detergent that provides a clean and shiny look to your wheels, tyre, and engine.

This is a concentrated alkaline and solvent blend, designed for a wide range of fast cleaning and degreasing operation. 

It is used in removing grease, oil, dirt, and brake dust. Also, this product is formulated to be safe for all vehicle finishes, rubber, and alloy. It is concentrated and economical. Some constituents include Natrosol, caustic soda, foam booster, etc.

Parkit Upholstery Cleaner (2L, 4L, & 25L)

We developed Parkit Upholstery Cleaner because we recognized the problem of poor quality upholstery cleaning products. Parkit Upholstery Cleaner is a fast and convenient way to transform your fabrics or car interior surface from dirty to clean in seconds. 

It is an innovative concentrated detergent suitable for cleaning all kinds of fabric, velvet, and moquette.

This surfactant can be safely used on delicate and colored materials having increased cleaning power, as well as the total absence of residues or streaks on plastic parts. Primarily, it eliminates stains and odours. Some constituents include soda ash, texapon, STPP, etc.

Parkit Car Polish (500ML, 4L, 25L)

Car polish contains an abrasive element that shaves off a microscopic layer of surface applied by getting rid of the surface socrates, swirls, and other defects.

Car polishes could be either in liquid or solid(paste) form. Hence, liquid polish is the most abundantly available car polish form, possibly due to the ease of application. Some constituents include ethanol, glycerin, fragrance, etc.

Parkit Glass Cleaner (500ML)

Parkit Glass Cleaner is a fast-action, streak-free cleaner that wipes away dirt and grime on windshields, mirrors, windows, etc while leaving your glasses sparkling clean.

Parkit Vehicle Care is the leading provider of vehicle care products and solutions to help drivers maintain the highest possible standards for vehicle care.

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality products at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy them.